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HiFocus 161i neo

The HiFocus 161i neo is the latest high-precision plasma cutting system for the cutting range between 0.5 mm and 50 mm. Equipped with the soft-switch inverter technology, it offers a wide range of possibilities for cutting and marking thin and medium-sized sheets. It meets the requirements of the metal and container construction industries, the engineering and automotive industries and many other sectors. The HiFocus 161i neo can be combined with 2D as well as 3D CNC-controlled guiding systems, i.e. gas cutting systems, robots and pipe cutting systems.
With HiFocus neo the user benefits from high speed when cutting and marking electrically conductive materials, ensuring at the same time excellent quality and low process costs. Thanks to optimised technology, the consumables are protected and the plasma cutting process is more efficient
The HiFocus 161i neo is available as standard with the Contour Cut technology for cutting fine inner and outer contours and small holes in mild steel.

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Technical Data
Power source

Mains voltage*
Cutting current at 100 % duty cycle
Marking current
Cutting range
Dimensions (L x W x H)
HiFocus 161i neo

3x 400 V, 50 Hz
10 - 160 A
5 - 25 A
0.5 - 50 mm
up to 30 mm
985 x 570 x 1140 mm
206 kg
PerCut 201/211
*Other voltages and frequncies on request.
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